• FiveFingers delivers a number of positive health benefits, by leveraging all of the body's biomechanics so you can move as nature intended.
  • Walking, running, or climbing in FiveFingers, makes the body experience a sense of touch and feel that is simply not possible in conventional performance footwear. We call this a haptic response, and it describes your body's sensibility to the world around you.
  • The foot is the base of our body therefore this haptic response and the proprioception of the foot are important for a natural gait and precise, powerful movements.
  • The increased proprioception of our body together with the lower heel position leads also to a useful posture improvement.
  • The natural walking motion reduces impact on your knees, hips, and lower back and stimulates the muscles of your lower legs and feet. You add strength, improve balance and increase agility.

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