Golf Conditioning Program

Why should we condition for golf?

Golf is a highly athletic sport. An amateur golfer uses approximately 90% of their maximum muscle activity when driving a golf ball. Yet golfers fail to consider the game of golf as a high intensity activity and don’t include any form of golf conditioning as an integral part of their preparation for such physical demands.


At AtoZFitness we have designed The Golf Conditioning program to provide both professional and amateur golfer's the necessary tools to improve their game.

The Golf Conditioning Program is based upon the principles of functional training; it is designed to:

  • Restore balance
  • Improve posture
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Increase strength
  • Improve coordination

All of these are specific to the game of golfs movement patterns. 

Based on the individuals muscle length/tension assessment results, a specially designed program helps you to improve function, prevents injuries and helps in the consistentcy on the golf course.


Are you ready to change your game?


Please contact us for further details.

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